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Three Reasons Why A Christian Should Wear Faith-Based Apparel

Jesus told His disciples in Matthew 28:19-20 to go and make disciples but there was also something that He didn't tell them.

We know what to tell people but how should we do it? Jesus left it open for us to use creative, innovative thinking. So today we are going to look at three reasons why a Christian should wear faith-based apparel to fulfill the Great Commission.


In community college, I designed my first t-shirt and had it printed. That was the beginning spark for me that taught me how much a piece of fabric can impact others in your daily living. The same could be said for many other things, but for me there was something unique about physically being the walking encouragement.


Ten years later, I'm having shirts designed and printed more than my 18 year old self ever could have imagined. I truly believe in the effectiveness of wearing a Christian tee that not only is designed good but has great wording in its message. Because if you spend the hard work producing the best tee possible, I believe it will pay off. I can't share enough how many times someone has stopped me to ask what my shirt was about. It then led to a fruitful conversation about the hope I have within me.


What if someone was having the worst day they've ever experienced but then they saw the shirt you were wearing and it changed everything? It's possible. You see, we don't know how the providence of God works. But what we can trust in is that if we are faithful and obedient, He can use us to spread the greatest hope of all time.

That is why at Homemade Faith and Family Shop we spend hours trying our hardest to make the best apparel that we can provide you. You never know whose life you might impact for forever.

So whether you use a billboard, digital marketing, or faith-based apparel, I am truly thankful to God for the freedom He allows us to choose from to fulfill the Great Commissions.

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